Kodiaks News · Vaughan to Lead Kodiak Athletics

A veteran teacher and coach at CSS for 16 years, Vicki Vaughan takes on a new role as Athletic Director this year. The position became available when Rick Risk retired after 16 years at the helm, and it was a natural transition for Vicki who has been a familiar face at athletic events over the years.  Whether coaching basketball, teaching PE, or photographing sporting action, Coach Vaughan has witnessed many changes in the history of Kodiak athletics.

“My first years of coaching and teaching PE were spent in the ‘old gym’ with the rubber floor, short court, five rows of wooden bleachers, and minimal facilities.  Our sports teams were barely competitive and never taken seriously, but Rick’s vision, along with community support and the construction of the new Tutt Field House, were instrumental in changing that.  In the past 12 years, our teams have competed for state titles and produced collegiate athletes, and our facilities are ranked among the best in the city,” adds Coach Vaughan.  “I feel fortunate to be able to continue the progress that Rick started in 2001 and build upon the foundation he put in place.”

Vicki’s vision for Kodiak athletics includes continuing the taste of victory while maintaining an emphasis on the spirit of the game and character development for each athlete. “We will prepare, plan, and play to win, but winning is not our purpose.”  She will serve as a mentor for the coaching staff, providing essential tools for helping athletes to reach their potential on and off the playing field.  Communication with parents and athletes will be enhanced with the addition of the new athletic website at www.csskodiaks.com, powered by Varsity News Network.

“VNN provides the platform we were searching for, one that allows us to showcase our athletic teams and personal accolades while providing a communication hub for parents, coaches, and athletes.  This tool will promote our athletics while offering layers of additional information that will be of interest to our sports families at CSS.  I believe we will look back and wonder how we ever managed without an athletics website!” she exclaims.