Multiple Teams · That’s a Wrap: US Fall Sports Conclude with League Awards

Traditionally the school year begins with a sense of excitement in the air as life returns to campus and Fall sports action begins. The hustle and bustle of both outdoor and indoor events can be witnessed every day at 3:30 when athletes of all ages flock to the gym, changing out for practice. The overlap of MS and US sports sharing facilities can create a scheduling nightmare, but in the end it all works out through adaptation and flexibility.
As the thrill of the new seasons eventually wane in enthusiasm, the athletes discover a rhythm, settling in and finding balance between the classroom expectations and the workouts. The daily grind offers growth opportunities and life lessons as athletes learn about commitment, diligence, grit, and teamwork. They learn how to win with grace and lose with dignity, finding meaning and purpose with each competition.
Goals are reached while others are adjusted, and coaches continually nudge these young men and women toward their potential. Then, suddenly the seasons end, some sooner than others, often leaving the athletes with mixed feelings around completion and potential.  “Did we do our best? How could I have helped my team more? Should we have gone further in the tournament? Did I max out my potential?” No matter the outcome, within the actual journey of participation lies the true value — it’s when the athletes learn to fail, adapt, and grow.
This year’s Fall sports season was adorned with both individual and team achievements worthy of  celebration:
Cross Country
All-State 2nd Team: Kate G.
Girls Cross Country: Black Forest League Team Champions & League Champion Kate G.
BFL All-Conference 1st Team: Kate G., Kylie C., Autumn C., Clay R., and Orlando M.
BFL All-Conference Honorable Mention: Brooke A.

Boys Most Valuable Runner:  Clay R.

Girls Most Valuable Runner:  Kate G.
Boys Most Improved Runner: Nathan G.
Girls Most Improved Runner: Heather H.
Boys Kodiak Coaches Award:  Orlando M.
Girls Kodiak Coaches Award:  Kylie C.
Mountain Bike
Most Improved:  Danny D.
Kodiak Coaches Award:  Theo C.
BFL All-Conference 1st Team:  Kyle J., Ethan H., and Leggatt K.
BFL All-Conference Honorable Mention: Henry G. and Aadi N.

Most Valuable Offensive Player:  Kyle J.

Most Valuable Defensive Player:  Ethan H.
Most Improved Player: Ty W.
Kodiak Coaches’ Award: Leggatt K.
Most Valuable Player:  Philipp W.
Most Improved Player:  Aidan D.
Kodiak Coaches Award:  Owen W.
Kodiak Coaches Award:  Ben McC.
BFL All-Conference 1st Team: Whitney R., Elise L., and Sarina M.
BFL All-Conference Honorable Mention: Alair F., and Shively K.
Crowley County Tournament Team Champions 2019

Most Valuable Player:  Elise L.

Most Improved Player:  Bailey R.
Ace Award: Sarina M.
Kodiak Coaches Award: Mia C.