Multiple Teams · MS Athletics Will Return to Black Forest League in 2020

After thoughtful consideration and conversations, CSS Athletics is excited to announce our return to the Black Forest League (BFL) with the sports of volleyball and basketball.  Soccer will remain in the Central Collegiate Athletic League (CCAL) as it is not a sport option in the BFL.  Since the start of middle school athletics at CSS, we competed in the BFL until 2016 when the switch was made to CCAL.  Nearing the end of a 4-year cycle, we will be taking advantage of the opportunity to play in the BFL once again.  What does this mean for you, the middle school athlete?

  1. Kodiaks will compete against schools our own size with similar enrollments (2A) rather than (3A) schools.
  2. Competition will remain challenging yet healthy in regards to team morale.
  3. In basketball, both the boys and girls share the same season, right after the volleyball season ends.
  4. Seasons are slightly longer and allow for more practice time.
  5. Kodiaks will play the same schools that we compete against at the high school level who has remained in the BFL.
  6. There may be longer nights with both boys and girls basketball games at the same time, and travel to some games will be a few more miles; however, we will do our best with scheduling to accommodate academic needs.
  7. We will have more opportunities to play for championships.
  8. Fifth graders will be invited to support the MS programs as the 4/5 grade league will be discontinued.