Girls Middle School Basketball · MS Girls’ Basketball Season is Underway

Typically outsized and outnumbered, the girls’ middle school basketball team is discovering the true essence of grit while combating their opponents. With a 2-1 start to the season with an impressive win over Atlas Prep and losses to both Banning Lewis Ranch and Monument Academy, the Kodiaks are scrapping and fighting hard on the court to accommodate for the size differential.

Still, the focus is on the fundamentals of the game and learning game strategies. The girls are practicing hard, learning the importance of dribbling with the head up, boxing out with contact under the boards, playing man and zone defenses, and transitioning with a purpose on both ends of the court.  The emphasis is not so much on running plays but learning how the game moves and quick responses need to happen.

“We are laying the foundation for our overall basketball program through our middle school teams,” added Coach Vicki Vaughan. “It is indeed a difficult sport to play, but once the fundamental skills are learned, this game is so much fun. I always tell the girls that it is a big game of keep-away.”

The Kodiaks return to action at Thomas Maclaren School on Thursday at 4:00 (B) and 5:00 (A) this week. Come out and support your Kodiaks!