Girls Varsity Basketball · Coach Strickland Named CHSAA Assistant Coach of the Month

Each month CHSAA invites nominations for the Assistant Coaches of the Month award, and CSS is excited to announce that girls’ basketball coach Caleb Strickland received the award for January. A newcomer to the coaching staff, Coach Strickland joined the Kodiaks after a brief coaching stint at Peyton H.S. last year. He and his wife Jessica are proud parents of fourth-grader Adelaide who is in her second year at CSS. Of course, like her dad, she loves the game of basketball and the Indiana Hoosiers.  The family relocated to Colorado Springs from Indiana five years ago for career opportunities.

“Caleb has been instrumental in our player development and conditioning program, bringing his expertise of personal training to our campus,” stated head coach Vicki Vaughan. “His vision for transforming our weight room to a cross-fit facility has sparked an increased interest for our athletes. We have kids working out at 6:00 a.m. with Coach before school, and this is a first for Kodiak Athletics.  The benefits are incredible and we are beginning to witness the increased strength and agility on the court.”

Coach Strickland also works with our middle school girls’ teams and his positivity goes a long way. “I appreciate how Caleb has found the balance between holding our athletes accountable but in a non-threatening manner,” added Vaughan. “His demeanor, expertise, commitment, and work ethic all add credence to this award and affirm that he is the perfect fit for Kodiak Athletics.”  Congratulations Coach Strickland for earning CHSAA’s Coach of the Month Award. We are proud of you!