Kodiaks News · Athletic Landscape Altered by Pandemic







The latest Covid-19 pandemic has altered the landscape for athletics, ranging from youth team sports to collegiate NCAA events, and even professional programs. Turn on ESPN or Sports Center and you’ll immediately be reminded of the abrupt pause for sports in “real time” as championship games, tournaments, and matches from the past decade are the current highlights for viewers. During my own daily chores, the ESPN background noise offers comfort as I cling to anything normal in this time of uncertainty.

People have always had an awareness of the benefits of exercise, but now more than ever there is a deeper understanding and appreciation for pure movement. E-learning is in full throttle at CSS, as well as most schools nationwide, and the brain can only effectively retrieve so much information while the student sits in front of a screen. Ideally, the body needs to regularly move for optimal learning, a topic that has “sparked” many discussions and research.

With the current “stay-at-home” orders and precautions in the midst of the Coronavirus, many have adapted to exercising in the restricted confines of their homes and neighborhoods.  Jumping on trampolines, riding bikes, walking pets, running, gardening, Wii-workouts, yoga, parkour, tennis, hiking, wall ball, and the simple act of just “playing” are all ways that CSS families have been active during this temporary layoff from school. Committed athletes are also making time to work on their fitness and skills, trying to gain an advantage over their opponents, even if it means long hours of monotonous repetitions, like push-ups, shots, rope jumps, squats, strokes, pull-ups, and sets.

According to assistant basketball coach, Caleb Strickland, “Each rep, if done correctly, is instrumental in laying the foundation for a stronger, quicker, and more equipped athlete. Now is the time to get ahead for next year.”

Luckily we have the luxury of parks and trails stretched along the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, offering a panoramic backdrop unlike anywhere else. Let’s just say there are few places besides Colorado Springs where I could sanely manage a quarantine like the one in which we live. So, until the landscape returns to “team” sports, ESPN is live, and the Kodiaks return to action, let’s all count our blessings that we live in one of the top eight healthiest states. Let’s continue to find 60 minutes each day to elevate the heart rate and work up a sweat — we owe it to our bodies, brains, and mental health. Not to mention, a healthier body is generally more immune to outside viruses and has a higher chance of a speedier recovery.