Kodiaks News · Teammates for Life: Leggatt and Kyle







Seniors Kyle J. and Leggatt K. have been sharing the soccer field since sixth grade when they both suited up for the Kodiaks. The two redheads with mad dribbling skills would cause havoc for their opponents, utilizing their speed and tenacity to get the job done, no matter the circumstances. Kyle was a Triple Threat Award winner again this year, playing soccer, basketball, and volleyball while also running cross country. Leggatt prevailed on the soccer field and volleyball court while finding time for acting in the school plays. Both boys served as captains on the soccer and volleyball teams this year, striking the balance between their different personalities. Kyle tends to lead more by example while Leggatt is a pro at directing traffic and vocalizing commands. As these two teammates for life prepare for their departure at CSS, we are recognizing them for their contributions to our athletic programs and larger CSS community.


What has been your favorite aspect of your CSS experience?

Leggatt: The moments you get to share with everyone. Whether it’s picking up a friend when they fall down or celebrating the wins you share.

Kyle: Being able to know everybody. As someone who went to a large high school my freshman year, I definitely appreciate the small atmosphere of CSS and the closeness of everybody.

As young athletes what were your favorite sports?

Leggatt: When I was younger, lacrosse was by far my favorite, but I think recently soccer and volleyball have both prevailed as my favorites. 

Kyle: Soccer was and still is my favorite sport. I love playing it, watching it, and talking about it.

Can you describe your most memorable moment in Kodiaks athletics?

Leggatt: I think the most memorable moment for me was during my junior year volleyball season. CSS made it to regionals for the first time in school history and sadly we did not go any farther.  But at one point in the match, we were beating the No. 1 ranked Vanguard team 15-14.

Kyle: It was probably our home soccer game against Thomas McClaren this year. Earlier in the season, we were thumped by them, and going into this game we weren’t really expected to win. However, the team’s passion and fire to make up for our big loss to them earlier led to us playing out of our skin and winning by a large margin.

What has been your most disappointing time or event at CSS? Why? 

Leggatt: I think I can speak for the majority of athletes by saying missing spring sports this year has been tough. Especially as a senior, knowing I missed all of those chances to become captain, go to regionals or state, and most importantly becoming better friends and more connected with my teammates.

Kyle: Probably missing out on the last part of the year. ECS had to be cut short and our spring sports season also being canceled was all very disappointing. The most disappointing part of this isn’t necessarily the inability to win, or to make playoffs in volleyball, but the lack of team building. Sports builds bridges between different grades, and I’ll definitely miss being a part of that. 

What legacy would you like to leave at CSS, both as an athlete and a member of the community?

Leggatt: I think the most important thing about CSS is how well-rounded everyone is. We do not just have to play sports, but we can be in theater, volunteer in our community, and still succeed in academics. I know I won’t leave the most impactful athletic legacy, but I just hope I can leave a legacy of being a good person and teammate who was involved in as much as I could for my school community.

Kyle: Hopefully I will leave a legacy of hard work and determination, for both sports and academics. I know my time at CSS hasn’t coincided with state championships or anything, but I played my heart out during sports, while still concentrating on my school work. 

What other interests have you explored while at CSS and how have they made an impact?

Leggatt: I have been in 7 out of the 8 theater performances in my high school career. As a result of this experience, I truly have a passion for theater, and it is one of my options for a major as I prepare for college.

Kyle: Throughout my life, I’ve mostly been focused on sports. However, this past year I was convinced by Leggatt to join a theater production. It was totally a unique experience that I enjoyed a lot, and I wish I had branched out sooner.

In what interests outside of CSS have you been invested?

Leggatt: For the past few years I have been involved with the Catamount Institute. I have volunteered for them working at outdoor adventure summer camps. 

Kyle: Outside of school, I work part time on the weekends for a catering company, and the feeling of earning and spending my own money is just rewarding in itself.

What are your plans for next year?  

Leggatt: I will be attending the University of Vermont. 

Kyle: I will be attending the University of Denver next year. 

How have your parents supported your CSS career?

Leggatt: The countless hours that my parents have spent waiting for me to finish with soccer or theater is unbelievable. I am beyond grateful for them, and I would not be who I am today without their support.

Kyle: My parents have been a huge supporter for me, especially in athletics. My mom has attended almost all of my games, which is always a huge boost while playing. And while my dad isn’t in town all the time, he makes a huge effort to watch me play, whether it is through flying in for a weekend or watching the live streams broadcasted by CSS. 

What advice would you give to any incoming CSS student and why? 

Leggatt: Smile. It’s as simple as that. Studies show that smiling actually puts you in a better mood and it seems pretty easy so why not.

Kyle: Try new things. Before high school, I never ran cross country, played volleyball, or participated in a play, but trying out these new experiences was incredibly rewarding.

What makes you most proud about being a Kodiak?  

Leggatt: I think that being able to leave a sports team and know that there are people who are ready to step up into a leadership role and fill our shoes is essential to the success of the various teams. Here at CSS, I believe we have that continuity and mentoring.

Kyle: While we may be a small school, that doesn’t mean we don’t have big time people who can step up to almost any challenge there is. As a senior, I can leave and know that there are still leaders at the school who can take my place.

What is your favorite quote and why?

Leggatt: In the spirit of Mother’s Day, my favorite quote actually comes from my mom. “You don’t have to change the world. You just have to change your part in the world.” Not everyone will find the cure to cancer or create world peace, but everyone has a purpose–you just have to find it.

Kyle: “Commitment is what transforms a promise into reality.”  This is one of my favorite quotes because anybody can say that they’re going to do something. It’s the really committed people that make it happen.

What is your favorite thing about the other person?

Leggatt: Kyle has passion. Whenever he is on the court or the field, you can always see that he wants to win and I admire that.

Kyle: Leggett is a team player. No matter the situation, he can step up to the plate and do anything. Even if it isn’t an ideal scenario, Leggatt can still do it with a smile on his face. 

What do you two have in common and what sets you apart?

Leggatt: We have been best friends since day one in 6th grade. Obviously we have to have some things in common if we have stayed friends since then. We both share a passion for sports like soccer and volleyball. We also both have a sense of adventure. I think what sets us apart is our passion elsewhere. I am involved in theater while Kyle is involved in basketball.

Kyle: We both have passions for athletics and have played soccer together since middle school. I’d also say we’re both adventurous and enjoy doing new things. One difference is that Leggatt is passionate about theater. He’s been doing productions for as long as I’ve known him, and I’ve always enjoyed watching the CSS performances. 

What lessons are you taking away from the Covid-19 experience? 

Leggatt: Never take anything for granted. I know I took for granted just going to school and seeing my friends. Now it is one of the things I miss the most.

Kyle: Enjoy things while you can I guess. It sounds a little grim, but sometimes you need to appreciate what you have instead of rushing through everything.  

How do you envision the Class of 2020 making a larger impact on the world? 

Leggatt: Our class has been involved in everything across campus. There is not a single sport or extracurricular that does not include a member of the Class of 2020, and I trust we will take this initiative into the future.

Kyle: Our class is incredibly varied when it comes to personalities and hobbies, and so many of my classmates will go into a wide variety of fields that can make a difference in the world.