Kodiaks News · Triple Threat Athletic Awards Announced

In order to receive a Triple Threat Athletic Award, a student must compete in three sports for CSS. For the first time in school history, Kodiak Athletics offered this incentive to our middle school students in hopes of recognizing those who go above and beyond in the athletic arenas.


“It’s a lot like taking on the challenge of a Kodiak Scholar in the middle school classroom,” commented Athletic Director Vicki Vaughan. “Balancing three sports with our academic load is not an easy task, so we wish to set these athletes apart with this award.”  She added that “several upper school athletes even find a way to navigate playing 4 or even 5 sports for CSS. This requires creative scheduling, organization, and commitment. I’m proud of all of our recipients — they are the back bone to Kodiak Athletics!”

MS Triple Threat Award Winners

Sixth Grade: Sophia B., Morgan H., Graham H., Tristan K., Emmi M., and Tejin M.

Seventh Grade: Phoebe B., Charlie B., Pedro G., Daniel M., Asha M., Neve P., Ben S., and Malakai W.

Eighth Grade: John B., Adhista E., and Imogen M.

*Recipients will receive a Triple Threat t-shirt

US Triple Threat Award Winners

Freshmen: Andrew H., Morgan J., Danny L., Tristan T.

Sophomores: Mia C., Grayson G., Henry G., James H., Shively K., and Sasha M.

Juniors: Alair F., Ben Mc., Bailey R., Whitney R., and William S.

Seniors: Kate G., Hayden H., Kyle J., Sarina M., and Luke T.

*Recipients will receive a Triple Threat sweatshirt