Kodiaks News · US Summer Athletic Workouts to Startup with Restrictions


Kodiak Athletics is excited to announce that voluntary preseason summer workouts for US athletes will officially begin on Monday, June 22, and run through the end of July.  School officials are continuing to implement updated Colorado state and CHSAA guidelines, and these will be strictly enforced by all participating coaches and athletes.

Before any athlete attends a workout, a consent form signed by a parent must be on file with the Athletic Director.  Each day students will receive an email from CSS with the Health Screening Form attached, and it must be completed before each workout. Coaches will also fill out a hard copy form upon your arrival to the gym or field, where they will also take and record the athlete’s temperature.
Because of limitations on the number of participants (6 in the weight room, 10 in gym, 25 on field), it is the athlete’s responsibility to provide prior notification to the coaches IF  planning to attend a practice session. Without notification or space, athletes will be turned away.
Workout Type Time Days Coach Notes
Girls’ Weightlifting 4:00 PM M-F Strickland Open to all female athletes
Boys’ Weightlifting 5:00 PM M-F Collins/Strickland Open to all male athletes
Basketball Skills Workouts 7-9:00 PM M,W,F Vaughan/Strickland Open to all basketball players (use curtain if needed)
Soccer Skills Workouts 6-8:00 PM M,W,F Earls/Stapleton Open to all soccer players

CSS Summer Participation & Re-entry Policy

The following policy is designed to ensure the safety and health of every person participating in any athletic or academic summer activity on the CSS campus. It must be adhered to at all times in both outdoor and indoor athletic activities. It is the responsibility of each person to stay home if he or she is displaying any symptoms of Covid-19, has a temperature over 100.4 F, has tested positive for Covid-19, or has been in close contact with any person who has tested positive for Covid-19. Each participant will need to state on the electronic daily Health Screening Form the status regarding each of these symptoms. 

Important: Any person participating in an activity on campus must complete the Summer Clearance Consent Form prior to participation. It must be submitted to the Athletic Director, the coach, or staff member prior to the initial workout. Before each workout, the coach or staff member will check this document to assure that every participant has been cleared for action. This form will also serve as documentation in case we have to complete contact tracing for a Covid-19 case. 

Pre-Participation Instructions:

  • Participants must independently enter the facilities rather than congregating outside the gym or theater, or in the bleachers on the field. Spectators, including parents, are not allowed to attend practices and must remain in their cars.
  • During the check-in process, participants and coaches must wear a mask and keep a social distance of 6 feet from one another. 
  • For each practice, each participant must complete an online daily Health Screening Form , in addition to a hard copy form that the coaches will have.
  • If a participant indicates that he or she has had any of these symptoms, participation will not be allowed. 
  • Before each practice, coaches and athletes will conduct a temperature check. Any reading of 100.4 or higher will result in an immediate removal from the site. All temperature reading results will be recorded on the Health Screening Form check-in sheet.  
  • Any athlete should not participate if he or she has had a fever or has taken fever-reducing medications. 
  • Coaches and athletes will sanitize their hands and equipment before and after practices with provided hand sanitizer. We recommend that each athlete bring their own hand sanitizer.
  • Coaches and athletes will wear personal masks when it does not interfere with the activity.

 Practice Participation Instructions: 

  • Inside activities and workouts will be conducted with 10 or less people. 
  • Outside activities and workouts will be conducted with 25 or less people.
  • The weight room workouts will include no more than 6 participants. 
  • Coaches and athletes are to touch as few surfaces as possible during the practice session or workout.
  • Coaches will structure activities to the greatest extent possible, limiting close contact between participants and coaches. 
  • Coaches and staff will be present at all times and be responsible for locking up.
  • All participants must refrain from handshakes, high fives, elbow bumps, etc.
  • Athletes will bring their own water bottles and not share, and these will need to be cleaned upon return to home. The gym water fountain will be off limits.
  • The only bathrooms that are open for use will be the two in the gym lobby. 

Post Participation Instructions:

  • Following the workout, each participant must wash or sanitize their hands before exiting the gym wearing a mask. 
  • No congregating will be allowed after practices.
  • Coaches and athletes will sanitize and wipe down all equipment that was used during the activity or workout. (balls, weights, shooting machine, jump ropes, yoga mats, etc.) Door handles will also be wiped down before exiting the gym. Wipes and gloves will be provided.
  • In addition to this routine cleaning, the facilities will be professionally cleaned by staff at least once a week.

Final Instructions:

All coaches and athletes will strictly adhere to these guidelines in order for us to continue to offer a positive experience for all. Any coach or athlete who notices a change in their physical health, whether it includes the Covid-19 symptoms or not, shall notify the CSS Athletic Director and  immediately cease visits to campus. If any Covid-19 case and cause is officially linked to CSS summer athletic workouts, all training sessions will immediately cease.