Kodiaks News · Disc Golf: Gaining Interest Among MS Students

Disc Golf is gaining a following among the CSS middle school students, largely due to an on-campus course that CSS veteran Technology Manager, Joe Thomas, designed and installed a few years back. He is an avid fan of the game who likes to compete in disc golf tournaments, but more importantly, Mr. Thomas enjoys sharing his knowledge, skills, and passion with the CSS student body.
When the opportunity arose for leading a MS Fall Activity, Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Ann Petit, Director of Student Programs, both volunteered to lead the group.  Three days a week you can find this MS group meandering the 9-hole course on the back few acres of campus, taking aim and launching a weight-selected disc toward the target, a chained basket. This game is played much like golf with the lower number of throws winning each hole.

CSS students are learning basic grips and throwing forms that can enhance both accuracy and distance. “This sport assists with time coordination and body mechanics, and throwing will help in general physical development,” stated Joe Thomas. “This game can be enjoyed by any age group and often involves a good walk in the woods or a nearby park while offering a nice family or social activity.”  So, the next time you are in need of some quality family time in a fun, outdoor setting, check out the CSS Disc Golf course and throw a round.