Kodiaks News · CHSAA Realigns Upcoming Sports Seasons

The CHSAA team has been working overtime with Governor Polis’ office and state health officials, trying to safely navigate the latest trends around Covid-19 cases and upcoming high school sports seasons. Today’s announcement included a later start date for Season B (basketball) with an adjusted practice start date of January 25 and February 1 as the first day for competition.  To maintain season end dates and planned tournament play, all three seasons (B, C, and D) were shortened an additional week.

Calendar info:

  • Season B-D will be shortened one week in length and will now be 7 weeks
  • All CHSAA Events will end by June 26 which is same end date we have currently
  • Practices for all seasons will run Thursday – Saturday the week before competition
  • Girls Tennis will run from April 26 – June 12 per Bethany to avoid conflict with USTA Event

Season B: 7 Weeks (Practice – January 25 / Competition – February 1 – March 20)

Boys & Girls Basketball

Season C: 7 Weeks (Practice – March 15 / Competition – March 22 – May 8)

Boys Soccer

Girls Volleyball

Season D: 7 Weeks (Practice – May 3 / Competition – May 10 – June 26)

Boys  Lacrosse

Boys Volleyball

Girls Soccer

*Girls Tennis (see dates below)

*Girls Tennis: 7 weeks [same as Season D sports and Boys Tennis] (Practice – April 26 / Competition – April 26 – June 12)

In the meantime, CSS athletes are encouraged to explore creative exercises for establishing and maintaining a fitness level required for competition. Open gyms cannot occur at this time and most likely will not happen prior to Season B.  Outside activities are encouraged for workouts and skill work, and coaches are available via email if any athlete needs additional ideas or inspiration. Feel free to contact Coach Vaughan with further questions at vvaughan@css.org.