Boys Middle School Mountain Biking, Girls Middle School Mountain Biking · Mountain Bike Team “Chutes” for New Riding Experiences

The middle school mountain bike team took advantage of some epic Colorado warm weather this month, gathering for some group rides.  The team refined riding skills while exploring trails in Stratton Open Space, the Chutes, and new trails in Red Rocks Park.

“Riders were able to take advantage of not only the perfect weather, but also some newly designed trails right in our back yard to continue honing their skill sets, fitness, and mental well being,” commented Coach Kelly Walker. “Riding together has allowed us to keep our feet on the pedals while following Covid regulations and getting outdoors for both the physical and mental benefits. Mountain biking has been the perfect outlet during this time, and we look forward to seeing more of our athletes get on a bike as this sport offers the complete range of benefits while building self-confidence.”










Coaches Nicole Goyette, Kristin Penn, Tim Ferguson, Blisse Beardsley, and Kelly Scoville joined Coach Walker in coordinating and supervising the rides for the Kodiaks.  Stay tuned for more riding opportunities if the weather permits. In the meantime, take this time to tuneup the bikes and prepare for another season in the spring.